CEO's Vision

Khalid Zafar Siddiqui

 Founder/ Chief Executive Officer

 “Your reputation is more important than your pay cheque, and your integrity is worth more than your career”.

This is what I have always believed and when I started my own firm, Six Sigma Consult, way back in 2017, I made sure to implement it with its true meaning. 

SSC is built with belief, trust and diligence to provide its Client with the best engineering services they deserve, no matter what the scale of the task is. We are determined to transform our vision for this world into reality.

Our principle revolves around trust & respect for our Team and Client’s perspective and continuously looking to create the greatest workplace which is diverse & inspiring with its key organizational & leadership capabilities. Sustaining our vision in past years of services, we have been able to give corporate governance, accountability, and transparency. With the strength of our team and their strong ethos, Six Sigma Consult has prospered with passion, pride, and experience altogether to lay the foundation of a strong multi-disciplinary platform.

We proudly upraise our portfolio from the local market to the international forum while enhancing our capabilities. Also, we are keenly expanding our vision to perform turnkey solutions with entrusting confidence from our prestigious clients to the successful design & build projects. We are thankful and honored by our Clients for trusting and enabling us to perform with more confidence and expertise in all infrastructure and building sectors.

Six Sigma Consult holds a high vision of expanding its horizons, and within 2-3 years of time span may develop its roots in Canada, the US and the Middle East. This could only be possible due to extraordinary trust from my co-team professionals, my beloved family, passionate colleagues, and prestigious Clients.