Our Story

Since 2017, Six Sigma Consult has been pushing the boundaries of what

design and engineering can achieve. We step into this proud history every day.

SSC was born from our founder’s vision to drive innovation and collaboration for providing customized solutions for civil engineering services.He has put his passion in SSC which enabled to exploit his abilities and developing a tremendous track record in Civil Engineering services. 

SSC Today

Maintaining its founder’s vision and spirit, SSC today is a place where talented people work collaboratively to deliver successful projects to fulfil our clients needs. 

Our primary objective is to enhance the spectrum of vision from small scale bungalows to plan large scale high rises or cities and regions, and so forth.

Presently, our work is delivered in a variety of ways ranging from Planning, Designing, Infrastructure development and Project Management. All of this involves modern virtual design and construction tools, and project management software. SSC is expanding its presence by adding widely recognized projects to its portfolio with each passing day.  


SIX SIGMA Consult (SSC) is a PEC Registered engineering design consultancy firm founded under the proprietorship of Mr. M. Khalid Zafar Siddiqui in 2017. The founder got the inspiration to start a company while working on international projects after he graduated from Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada, and wanted to implement the best practices within the country and outside as well. Perhaps, this is the reflection of his vision to serve and expand at the same time.

The other side of vision is the quality of serving – “Six Sigma” depicts the threshold level of quality we are keen to produce for our Clients and environment under Zero-tolerance level. He started the company with the belief to empower the next generation of talent and to build a strong institution for the future. The company prides itself on a culture of collaboration and teamwork to maximize asset value.

With hard work and consistency, SSC has come so far and established a decent reputation in the engineering consultancy market and is being acknowledged by Clients, and professionals including Architects & Engineers. However, we still foresee challenges and are equally excited to accept those challenges and transform them into well