Why Choose us

No matter where you are in the world,  you will have endless opportunities with us.  


The world is constantly evolving, which causes different challenges. From climate change to population growth – we as a consult combine knowledge, innovation and technology to drive a safer and sustainable future. We as Planners, Engineers & Managers bring integrated results which are coherent to the market need and practical solutions.


Under our window, the Client gets a feel of all disciplinary services related to Architectural, Engineering, and Project Management services. Our expert professionals are always ready to serve with respect and professionalism. Our core divisions revolve around Infrastructure planning & designing, and surplus intrusion of Architectural (Interior & Exterior) services, Structural designing and Project Management; where they all work together in accordance with the eventual demands.


Most importantly, the essence of our company’s core values lies in Quality – PLACE. The term “Quality” represents our work product, and the acronym “PLACE” represents our approach to Client satisfaction.


Our principal focus has always been the Client’s satisfaction while complying with our major time & interest during the planning phase of the project, followed by the quality deliverables with extreme professionalism.  We listen, take notes, think and act as per the nature of the project and Client’s ultimate requirements and eventually manage, prepare, and deliver at its best reliability.


At Six Sigma Consult, we care about people-Clients and staff. Our people are our most valued asset, and we believe the sincerity of this statement is proven by our work environment, strong customer service skills, and dedication to Client success. The trend of induction of youth blood into our team let the skilled to expose with lots of exploitation of opportunities, hence gelling the team as a unit.

We believe in our people, as their sincerity allows the accomplishment of deliverables. We are promised to provide an environment that reveals respect to all teams where they work with their own freedom and commitment however, not compromising the discipline and protocols of the place.

Leadership and Accountability

There can be no genuine leadership without accountability. Leadership deals more with responsibility than visibility. We strive to make certain that our employees understand and perform their responsibilities; however, genuine leadership will cause one to see a need and address it. For this reason, the employees at SSC are trained to go the “extra mile” to make certain that the project is successful. Genuine leadership must also include accountability; therefore, we as a company are accountable to our Clients concerning project deadlines, clear communication, and Client-centered recommendations.


Teamwork is the key to success. We strive to collaborate with our Clients and allied professional Engineers & Architects, to work and achieve coherent outcomes. We believe that strong leadership and accountability, position us to move towards a common goal of customer satisfaction and project success.


At SSC, we strive to operate in accordance with the rules and standards for the right conduct for engineering and environmental professionals. We believe that honesty and integrity are vital characteristics of any company culture to maintain credibility with staff and Clients. We not only say what is right, but we also seek to do what is right.