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Khalid Zafar Siddiqui

CEO Six Sigma Consult





Assuring a healthier environment for communities

Developments corresponds to transformations – transformations of lands lead to development of livable cities with safe, resilient and sustainable entity for housing, industry, mixed-use, agricultural utilization.Land developments requires innovative planning, conquering & artistic frame of mind for long-lasting urban planning and its corresponding infrastructure development.Six Sigma Consult possesses professional and emphatic team with local and international experience to cohere their knowledge with practical solutions initiated with survey, hydrology, and environmental challenges. The better the planning, the more effective benefits in economic & social growth of region.Traffic issues and public health engineering being the vital component in efficient urban land developments where our expertise provides detail analytic design synchronized with best practices.We regard the existing contour topology of the ground and surrounding features to compliment the facts with our design rather than innovating a 180 degree concept.We have professional team to offer high end quality services related this dignified public related sector.


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